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Custom Glass Cutting for Heavy Duty Equipment

Turn to Orillia Standard Auto Glass for customized glass cutting. Peter cuts glass for heavy equipment like trains, tractors, gravel loaders, and more. Some equipment, like gravel loaders, are often as large as a small house! This type of glass cutting is time-consuming and relies on an experienced hand, and many auto glass shops don’t offer this type of service. But our owner Peter has been providing custom glass cutting for large equipment for years and is more than happy to take on any job. Repairs to heavy equipment can be done on site, if necessary, but more of our cutting work is completed at our shop to ensure quality. The whole process takes a lot of work, involving travel to the large equipment’s location, making a cardboard pattern of the glass area to be replaced, and heading back to the shop to cut and prepare the glass. Peter then returns with the new cut glass, being careful to ensure it doesn’t break on the way there or during installation.

Contact Peter at Orillia Standard Auto Glass to learn more about his custom glass cutting experience.